CONQUEROR WOMB: Lusty Tales of Shub-Niggurath

ConquerorWomb_cover02-640x1024Coming soon from Martian Migraine Press, eighteen Lovecraft-inspired stories of sex and sacrifice, weird science, and fertility run amok. Includes my tale “Blossom”.

“From the wells of night to the gulfs of space, ever praise and abundance to the Black Goat of the Woods. Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Goat with a Thousand Young!”

– H. P. Lovecraft “The Whisperer in Darkness”

Available for pre-order directly from MMP here until February 9, and on Amazon and Kobo from February 10.

Table of Contents as follows:

Praise & Abundance! – introduction by editors Justine Geoffrey & Scott R. Jones
This Human Form – Lyndsey Holder
That Hideous Thing – Ran Cartwright
Unsatisfied – Brian M. Sammons
Mater Annelida – Victoria Dalpe
The Potboiler Sigil – Luke R. J. Maynard
All This For the Greater Glory of the 7th and 329th Children of the Black Goat of the Woods – Molly Tanzer
Babymama – Kenton Hall
Our Child – Annabeth Leong
Boy – Don Webb
Pieces (2) for Double String Quartet – Copper Sloane Levy
The Whisperer in the Vagina – Shon Richards
Obsidian Capre Aegagrus – Christopher Slatsky
Dirtymag – Jonas Moth
With Honey Dripping – Christine Morgan
In the Down Deep Down – Jacqueline Sweet
The Scarlet Scripture – Ambrosius Grimes
Within Your Unholy Pit of Shoggoths – Wilum H. Pugmire
Blossom – Rose Banks
The Conqueror Womb: Parsing Shub-Niggurath (essay) – Scott R. Jones