necro2Now available (.mobi, .epub, or .pdf) direct from Martian Migraine Press, or on Kindle from Amazon. Includes my tale “Irresistible”.

Table of Contents:

The Subject Calls! – editorial by Justine Geoffrey
Randian, the Living Torso – Alice Renard
Irresistible – Rose Banks
Firmware – Paul St. John Mackintosh
Omakine – Richard Greco Jr.
Tree of 1,000 Lives – Michael Seese
The Fungal Nymph – K.A. Opperman
Insatiable – Nikko Lee
Garden of Dietrich – Nikko Lee
Inherited Things – Julian Darius

Conqueror Womb now available

Conqueror Womb is out now in US, CA, and UK Kindle stores – direct links below – and will be available from the Kobo store by February 14.

Or buy (.mobi, .epub, or .pdf) direct from Martian Migraine Press and get the companion volume DARK/YOUNG, with two bonus stories from Justine Geoffrey and Jess Gulbranson. (Amazon Kindle buyers can also get DARK/YOUNG by forwarding their e-receipts; see above link for details.)